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What's in a brand?


Cuckoo Brand Partners is a Canadian brand strategy and digital marketing company based out of Niagara, Ontario. Built on the belief in the mutually beneficial relationships created between companies and their trusty sidekicks [their marketing partners]. We know that the only way we succeed is if you do! That's why it's right in the name!

PARTNERSHIP is the name of the game in this crazy industry.


CBP wants to help you achieve your definition of success. Do you need design work? Is it your marketing or content strategy that you want to define or refine? 

Schedule a chat and let's figure it out together.

cbp mission.

We work with YOU, our partners, to establish your "brands' soul". Think about it like this: every single brand is like a person. At CBP we believe that a brand has a personality, an essence, an aura, and has the ability to create deep connections with people, other brands, and communities. We believe that when a brand is entwined with its consumers' core values and beliefs it becomes contagious. 


This is what builds the foundation for timeless companies.

Marketing is shifting. People buy based on emotion and connection. And they form these connections with brands that they believe in.

you can't build a reputation on what you're going to do.

- Henry Ford

A Message from Jes




Welcome to the CBP website! My name is Jes Benevides and I am the girl "behind-the-screen" at Cuckoo Brand Partners.

Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time to check out Cuckoo Brand Partners! I'm thrilled that you're here.

Secondly, I want to acknowledge your search for a harder working, deeper digging, more trustworthy brand partner to help to grow your business. 

A mini-autobiography: I have been interested in business development, marketing, analytics, and business growth patterns since taking Business Communications at university. I then went on to study Marketing and have been obsessed with why people buy the products they buy ever since. It is my passion to help business owners establish their "why", uncover their potential, and package their brand as a uniquely designed bouquet for the world to admire. Over all this, I aspire to work alongside business owners to teach them how to invest their time and energy into marketing tactics that create a higher bottom line and a lasting and meaningful brand identity.