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Being you: Establishing The voice behind your online presence

Are you being consistent online? Your brand's personality shines and is brought to life by the tone of voice you choose for its online presence. If you're interested in a quick and simple process for establishing your brand's voice and packaging and applying it for your on- and offline marketing efforts, keep reading!

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what is brand voice?

Oh my gosh... brand identity!! My favourite thing to talk about!

As you establish your brand in the digital world and grow to reach more customers who you've never interacted with on a personal level, your online identity should be easily recognizable. That means brand images, colours, fonts, logos, and #brandvoice should all be consistent and authentic. #consistentlyauthentic

Don't send your customers mixed signals like a hot girl in the summertime.

#consistencyiskey for growth. #authenticityiskey for building LOYAL customer relationships.

So... what is brand voice?

  • It's an essential piece of your brand identity that sets you apart from your competitors

  • It is the way you interact with your customers from social media posts, email newsletters, direct messaging, promotional ads and everything in between

  • It's how your online following will describe you and your content

  • It's your brand's soul... the personality conjured up through daily interaction. It can learn and mold, and take on challenges and pose solutions. It is alive and communication is what it needs to thrive

establishing your voice

I want you to imagine #YourIdealCustomer. The type of customer you're trying to pull in, impress, make laugh, and evoke emotion in. Now you need to imagine your brand as their best friend.

But first, let's go one step deeper.

Like I said, establishing your brand's voice is all about bringing your brand to life and creating a personality that is relatable. Your brand's voice is what is going to grasp your audience, build relationships and foster loyal customer relationships.

I want you to pretend that your brand is a single person. What does this person look like and sound like? Don't focus too much on specifics like gender, age, race or any other qualities that don't relate to personality.

Come up with a list of adjectives.

List the traits of #YourIdealCustomer.

For example:

If you are the owner of a hair salon you could describe your ideal customer as:

  • witty

  • chatty

  • bold

  • blunt (but polite)

  • compassionate

  • honest

  • outgoing

  • confident

  • and probably punctual (I am not...)

  • etc.

But, on the other hand, if you are the owner of an accounting firm, your ideal customer might look a little different.

...unless your going for that target audience, then hell, you might pull me in!

Okay nooooowww.. MIRROR your customer's personality traits.

This part is a little tricky. Think about what traits are compatible. What I mean by this is that if your ideal customer is chatty and witty, you would want to be playful and a good listener. If they're honest and compassionate, you would want to be respectful and responsive. If they're outgoing and confident, you would want to be supportive and enthusiastic. And thus, your brand voice adjectives would look like this:

  • playful

  • clever

  • entertaining

  • affable or approachable

  • respectful

  • supportive

  • enthusiastic

  • etc.

Just to play devils advocate here: If you are the owner of an accounting firm and you have clients who are analytical, perceptive and curious. You would probably want your brand voice to be informative, educational and dignified.

Here's some tips for evaluating, establishing and authenticating brand voice:

  • Audit your ongoing and previous content and your customer interactions to see where you can refine

  • Audit your competitors' content to see where customers are engaging

  • Don't shy away from the things that make your brand stand out

  • Incorporate stories about the people behind the brand

  • Create a company #BrandVoiceDocument for internals to reference before content goes live

With all the advice available out there on #brandidentity, #brandvoice, and #brandpersonality, wrapping it all up to present it to your customer can sometimes be overwhelming.


Be yourself... or your brand's self, rather.

There are so many brands out there who have nailed the #brandinggame. Sometimes your customers just like to know that there's someone on the other side of that computer screen.

Be authentic. Be you... quirks and all! It's totally fine for people to feel that human connection. Actually, I believe it's starting to set brands apart in another new dimension of digital marketing. The social media space is feeling like a marketplace and the real people... the buyers... they're buying from brands who they connect with.

Check out this fun twitter banter between McDonalds and Microsoft:

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